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Boy, there's a lot of fleas in here.

Final score: 86 points. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. They then take out their fishing poles and start to fish. Clerk: That’s the reserve chute, in case the first one doesn’t open, you have a back-up. 17 Dramatic Two Person Scripts. Main Menu > Small Cast Plays > Duologues (Plays for 2 Actors) Duologues are scripts for two actors (duo, meaning two, instead of mono, meaning one, in monologue). They bore a hole in the ice and go back to fishing. The skits are organized by simplicity and number of characters for easy printing. @anonymous: I agree. Person 1 makes noises like a lawnmower that won’t start. He/she should look completely tired and exhausted. I had mine in mind when I landed on the page, read a few, scanned the rest, and went straight to adding mine to the list. ", The second group of Wolf Scouts comes along, bends down, and says, "Smells like bear droppings. My nephew recently became a scout. Ants Marching. If I could only remember all the skits I have done in my lifetime! All other Wolf Scouts at the same time: What was the howling? Boy Scout #4: The Jamboree is the BSA celebration of Scouting, not music. POST. DRY PATCH (1 woman, 1 man) – Jan and Charlie argue over lack of money. This is a short skit for two Tiger Scouts. Surgeon #3: Join today and dramatically reduce your planning time while delivering fresh, innovative drama lessons to your students!If you are new to teaching drama, this site will be a Godsend!You will immediately feel confident about teaching drama like an expert. The fist scout says, "I really gotta WEEEE! Pick a Scoutmaster or someone with authority.

Webelo #1: I forgot to glue the axles, and the wheels came off.

After finishing, he leans and places his mouth against the ear of the next cub scout. In fact, Arthur Eldred was the first Eagle Scout in 1912. Webelo #1: Someone drilled holes in one, painted it yellow, and called it cheese. My uncle has a great political hold. The 10-minute-plays website has a wide range of comedies and dramas, searchable by cast size and gender. I am compiling my favorite skits that I have seen from Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts and hope you add your favorites as well. Here's one that is easy to do and set up.

He lived alone fending for himself. You can draw inspiration from the funny television show ‘Mind Your Language’, a series about a bunch of foreigners from different countries trying to learn the English language. (Hands it to customer.) Fred, are you in there?

Humor connects people, lightens the mood, and gives much-needed relief. Den Leader: You'll have to ask them (pointing to the surgeons). Boy Scout #4: (Rubs finger against the bottom of the box, then licks finger). Thanks for sharing.

Now, let’s enact a funny modern version of the same story―the ants work hard gathering food for winter, while the grasshopper laughs at them, and enjoys his summer to the fullest. After a lot of looking, he finally found a few bones near a tree. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! All Cub Scouts stand perfectly still and quiet. Includes a useful leader's gear list. Tiger Scout Selling Lemonade: It's from Austin. Wow, definitely a stroll down memory lane! He decided to take a nap under a tree in the forest itself. Be creative and always have fun!

Scouts, churches, schools and all kinds of social groups know the effect of using skits that make people laugh, cry or understand a topic on a deeper level. Becoming friends with the lion will ensure my safety in this jungle as well.” The monkey jumped off the tree and sped away to meet the lion. First Tiger Scout: Over there. The back-up to the back-up. Person 2 pretends to “start” the lawn mower a few times. Here's an original skit that was written by our Bear den leader. Teach girls how to plan their own trip.

It’s urgent.”. A monkey sitting on that tree was a spectator to this little event. That would indeed solve my problem. Pack Leader: Um...the Boy Scouts will be celebrating their 100th year anniversary.
Also skits can bring out other creative talents too. For Daisy, Brownie, Tiger, and Wolf scouts, skits are mainly done in a group with everyone performing a very similar speaking part. Boy Scout #2: I wonder what's in the box? You can't see a thing. This is a skit for a single Webelo Scout. Teaching kids to perform and speak in front of friends and family and other people is a great skill to learn in life. Skits can offer a creative way to put on a show, without having to stage a full-scale production. Thanks.

If one person accidentally answers with a statement, he or she must exit the stage, and is replaced by another person.This skit involves two people, one sitting on a chair with their arms behind their back. The second Cub Scout uses his finger to brush his teeth. Lemonade! I’m warning you, my grandfather is Sum Buddy and he is extremely rich. A fun wide game for any event, but an especially good game event to celebrate Juliette Low's birthday. Nothing makes an assembly period, overnight campfire, or family night more fun than camp skits. Boy Scout #3: I don't know, but something is leaking out! Customer: Yeah? Tiger Scout selling Lemonade: Hmm, looks like I need more lemonade.

This is great for when the weather starts getting warmer, and the Boy Scouts start to go camping. No, I think it's more like chicken soup. Cub Scout #1: Sitting on an invisible bench. Anyone familiar with the Boy Scouts will recognize the Scout Law and the Scout Oath. The scouts pass it down the line to the leader. As these skits are done in the presence of leaders and parents and the term "ugly" is not directed towards a scout, I think this is ok for the right set of cub scouts. A woman flying in a hot air balloon found herself lost in the middle of nowhere. Boy Scout #2: That's God's prayer. The reply is "I'm too tired to move" and then asks the next in line the same question. He lived alone fending for himself. The ants are portrayed as cruel and insensitive-selfish creatures, as they have no sympathy for the shivering grasshopper. You can do this skit with two or more Scouts. There are many lines you can add to help teach the younger Cub Scouts, like: Leader: He took his buddy with him, right? But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The Gettysburg Address was in 1865. A skit is very short play, usually performed in an informal setting. ", The third group of Wolf Scouts comes along, touches the droppings, and says, "Feels like Bear Droppings. After he drinks the lemonade, he says, "This is the best lemonade I've tasted.

I am Jim ColesmanDoctor: Good Morning Mr. Colesman, please have a seat.Jim: I dropped by with a problem.

I think the use of skits is a great way for scouts to learn public speaking and confidence in presenting skills. How can someone be as great as somebody? I hope you found a cub scout skit you can use. Once upon a time, there lived an orphan dog. The group of scouts look up, pick up their poles, and go to another section. Finally, when water has been found, he/she dips a comb in it and uses it to set his/her hair, or use the water to wash a stain off the t-shirt, instead of drinking it. @anonymous: I'm a relatively new Den Mother (been in almost a year) but during training the skits with anything that could hurt feelings or mean words like "ugly" were discouraged as they didn't make scouting a "Safe Haven" - Have you had Safe Haven training? However, they may only interact with each other by asking questions. One or two Boy Scouts are positioned off stage or behind the audience.