Guide: Basic Keyboard Controls Setup For Dolphin by Adeno Greetings everyone! The leftmost port is the Player 1 port, which I enable in this guide. Open Dolphin and click on "Controllers". Open Dolphin via Steam. You can also click here to see my work elsewhere. So when i connect the 2 controllers and i map them on dolphin, the second one has the same values. Now, click the dropdown and select WUP-028. Related: How to Play Wii Games on Ubuntu with Dolphin. This is especially problematic when PC gamepads like the Xbox One controller just don’t translate smoothly to playing something like GameCube games on Dolphin. I'm trying to get 2 controllers working. How to Use External Game Controllers with Steam Games, How the Next-Gen Consoles Will Change PC Gaming Forever. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I do mention that the adapter needs to be set to Wii U mode. Before following the rest of this guide, be sure that you have the list of requirements above completely met. Before we dive straight into configurations themselves, check if you have any of the following controllers on hand: An XInput-compatible controller – Xbox 360, Xbox One + S/X, many Logitech gamepads. stick both controllers in the PC configure BOTH configurations with each controller ( player 1 controller 1 , player 2 with controller 2 ), Just connect/plug in both (or more) controllers and in the config window choose *something*/0/*something*. The GC controller cannot be used in every port (doh!). the second controller cant do ♥♥♥♥.... Connect both controller directly with your pc and map them. Don’t worry, this will only change how your PC recognizes the adapter, and it will still work as intended with the Wii U. It was a pain but I got two 360 controllers working after some messing with it. Dolphin android with 2 ds4 controllers. 3. For example, i map x(which has the value button:69,for example) to be A on the emulated wii remote, then when i switch to mapping the x on the second controller to be A on the 2nd emulated wii remote the value is 69 also. Make sure that the Input Source is set for both Wiimotes to "Real Wiimote". I personally recommend Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Brothers Melee as games that feel and play amazing with their intended control setup. Nowadays, I do tech how-tos and reviews for EasySMX and WePC, among other clients. 1. 5. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Download Dolphin 5.0-12954 voor Windows, Mac en Linux » Hey, you’re actually a bit mistaken here. Click the Port 1 dropdown under GameCube Controllers. On windows I know that this is fixed by ds4 for windows but, after a lot of research, nothing worked for me on android. The launch of Smash Brothers for Wii U introduced a Wii U GameCube Controller adapter, which Dolphin developers were quickly able to make compatible with their emulator.